Gear up for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Gombak with our epic beginner-friendly Gombak Adventure Race (GAR), a multisport race on 22nd June, 2024. Located in Gombak, this 6-hour event is designed to introduce thrill-seekers to the excitement of adventure racing against the backdrop of stunning near to city green landscapes.

Prepare for an exhilarating adventure weekend in one of the most stunning parts of Gombak. The event features a basic navigation course, ensuring that every twist and turn is an opportunity for adventure and fun. We are confident that the challenges and scenic beauty will leave you hooked on the thrill of adventure racing.

Teams of two will bike, run or trek, paddle, abseil, and seek out checkpoints, welcoming participants of all fitness levels. A sense of adventure is all you need. Gombak Adventure Race (GAR) is a multisport race event that combines the disciplines of cycling, trekking, orienteering, lake tubing, and water abseiling. Gombak Adventure Race 2024 will run concurrently with Trail Des Gombak 2024 and is supported by KBS and JAKOA.

Winners will stand a chance to win cash prizes and a FREE ENTRY to GEOPARK ADVENTURE CHALLENGE (GAC).

Gombak Adventure Race (GAR) 2024 is sanctioned by the Malaysia Orienteering Sport Association (PESOM).


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