Celebrating Malaysia 61st Birthday with running, the best way to come together as a nation and run as one. This virtual event is open to all Malaysian & Malaysian residents.

Event Date
25 August – 16 September 2018
Registration Date
2 July – 21 August 2018
This is a Virtual Run. You can join and run anywhere in Malaysia. All you need is a GPS-tracking running application that can track and record your run.
Category A 
+ RM35.00
+ Run minimum 5KM and maximum 10KM
Category B
+ RM50.00
+ Run minimum 21KM and maximum 42KM
Fee is including postage charges. 
Fee is excluding online processing fee. 

Finisher Awards
Category A (5KM – 10KM)
+ Finisher Medal

Category B (21KM – 42KM)

+ Finisher Medal & Finisher Headwear


How does a Virtual Run work?

+ Register on a Virtual Run like this. 
+ Use a GPS-tracking running app to track your run. 
+ Track and finish the race. 
+ Submit/upload it on your profile at the top of the page. 
+ We will verify it and send your finisher awards. 

 Terms and Conditions

1. You can start your run on 25 August 2018, Saturday.
2. Last submission by 16 Sep 2018, Sunday (23:59) GMT+08.
3. No completion, no finisher items policy is in effect. 
4. Change of category is not allowed.
5. No refund upon completion of registration.
6. Pedometers are not allowed.
7. All GPS-based applications are accepted.
8. Your participation will be disqualified if fraudulent results are found.
9. You may complete the challenge in multiple runs (maximum 4 runs).
10. Finisher awards will be delivered within 14 days after 16 September 2018.
More information:
Facebook – Road2Marathon
Instagram – Road2Marathon

Sayangi Malaysiaku Virtual Run 2018 is brought to you by Road2Marathon.