In collaboration with the Pahang State Forestry Department and the Selangor State Forestry Department, we welcome you to the Mountain Challenge Series (SCG). The three mountains that will be contested in SCG 2023/24 are Gunung Nuang, Gunung Rajah and Mount Semangkok, a continuation of the Mount Semangkok Challenge which was successful on 24-25 September 2022 at Bukit Fraser.

The commonality of these three challenges is that all these mountains border two states, namely Pahang and Selangor. The format is the same as last year, which is self-support. This year a new category will be contested which is duo. SCG finishers will get UTMB Performance Index and ITRA National League Points according to the category they participated in.

27-28 May 2023 – Gunung Nuang Challenge

The challenge will start and end at the foot of Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik. Category options are Extreme (30k) or Challenge (13k).

February 3-4, 2024 (New Date) – Mount Rajah Challenge

The challenge will start and end at Kg Pertak, Kuala Kubu Bharu. The category options are Extreme + (38k), Extreme (30k) or Challenge (17k).

2024 (Date not yet finalized) – Mount Semangkok Challenge

Category options are Extreme or Challenge.

All finishers of the three MOUNTAIN CHALLENGE SERIES will receive a special finisher’s item after finishing the SEMANGKOK MOUNTAIN CHALLENGE.


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